November 23, 2017

My town is just like your town, I’m sure. We got more Mexican restaurants than we need and only one of them’s...

I got carded at Walmart today, which isn’t the first time that’s happened. But what unfolded today has never happened before and...
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Roll a Ball Unity Game
Misc Technology

I’ve always wanted to make video games, but something always held me back: that shit is damn complicated and I not so...
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The wife and kid drove into town a couple of weeks ago to take care of some town-related stuff and they found...
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Ernie Ball Music Man Axis EVH Clone
Music & Audio

I’ve been sick for the past million days. Okay, maybe it’s only been 5 days, but it FEELS like a millions days....
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My life for the past few months has been a blur. This is  because I haven’t worn contact lenses in months. My...
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Movies Photos & Video

We live out in a rural area where there is no access to cable, DSL, or WISP internet. Only satellite. While we...
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House Fire Illustration

These simple few lines below shows the difference in how my wife and myself might tell our son what to do in the event...
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Combine in Field

I was ten years old the day I became a man. I was out under the pecan tree eating porridge from my favorite...
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