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Parenting Photos & Video

My three-year-old son Levi drove me nuts all day today wanting to go fly a kite in the park. “When we gonna...
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Photos & Video

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Star and Moon
Photos & Video

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Van Halen Morphine
Music & Audio

I’m a huge, HUGE Van Halen fan. I’m also a Morphine fan. So I worked up an acoustic cover of Van Halen’s...
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I’m typically not one to endorse government regulations on things that bring people happiness such as weed. But sometimes things bring people...
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Stone Temple Pilots
Music & Audio

We all have little milestones in our lives that, though perhaps only briefly, elevate us to the level of gods, or at...
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Tony Little with Chili Dog
Photos & Video

I did this quick Photoshop job for a post on a friend’s Facebook wall. I can’t remember what the conversation was about...
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Giant Chicken

This is a giant chicken statue from a place called Frazier’s in Hempstead, Texas where you can purchase all manner of gigantic...
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Napping With Giraffes

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David Lee Roth Diamond Dave

Love him or hate him, it’s undeniable that David Lee Roth has a way with words unlike any other rockstar. The guy...
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