Three Cover Tunes

Three Cover Tunes

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I had my first solo gig at a neat brewery / restaurant in Johnson City, Texas called Pecan Street Brewing a few months ago. I had to fill a two hour time slot, which is a long time slot for a guy with only 6 songs, so I decided to learn a few covers, which is a good idea for any performer, anyway, when playing for a crowd of peoples who’ve never heard your original material.

Just now, while rummaging through my hard drive for things to delete in the hopes that doing so might help my laptop run a little smoother, I found recordings of three of these covers. When writing or learning new material, I’m always very skeptical that how I hear songs while I’m playing them is actually how they are heard by listeners. It’s a bit of an irrational phobia. To ease my concerns, I will do quick one-take recordings so that I can listen to myself to make sure I’m doing things right, or at least marginally acceptable.

Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp
The guitar parts on this version have been stylized so that the song fits nicely with an instrumental piece played before. That instrumental piece is not on this recording.

Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty

Beaumont by Hayes Carll

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