The Sad Little Kite

The Sad Little Kite

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My three-year-old son Levi drove me nuts all day today wanting to go fly a kite in the park. “When we gonna go fly a kite? Can we go fly a kite? I have quite a need to fly a kite, daddy!” So this afternoon – after convincing me that if he didn’t fly a kite the Earth would implode under the weight of crushed dreams – we bought a kite and went to the park. The wind was perfect…the kite was in the air the moment we set foot out of the truck! I looked around for Levi so he could hold the string and…he didn’t give a rat’s ass. “I wanna swing on the swing, daddy!” So the sad little kite ended up flying itself on the swing next to us. . .

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  • averagechildhood

    Very similar experience lately. I had gotten pretty psyched myself by the time we got to the park, but swings have some magical allure all their own…

  • Clif

    Being on a swing is like being on a kite…maybe that’s the hook.