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Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar on Me Acoustic Cover
Music & Audio

Last weekend I had a little gig at J Black’s Lounge in downtown Austin for a Twitchy Dolphin event. Twitchy Dolphin is...
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Van Halen Dreams Acoustic Cover
Music & Audio

I spent several hours this past weekend scouring over zillions of YouTube videos of interviews with David Lee Roth. Yeah, that’s pretty...
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Daisy The Great Gatsby Plow Monday
Music & Audio

Back in 2002 I read The Great Gatsby for the first time as an adult. Sure, I’d read it several times before...
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Music & Audio

I had my first solo gig at a neat brewery / restaurant in Johnson City, Texas called Pecan Street Brewing a few...
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Society Work

This past weekend I went to a live music event on 7th street here in Austin, Texas. It was a kickoff party...
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HEB Logo
Food Society

We just got back from the grocery store.   While there, I composed a demographic breakdown of its inhabitants.  I’ve classified the following...
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Everclear Bottles

I called him Everclear, because that was his preferred drink. He preferred Everclear the way most normal people prefer a healthy blend...
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The following was originally posted on an old Blogger blog of mine called WarehouseLarry way back in 2005… Food amazes me. I’m...
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There are two kinds of people in this world: people who like pizza, and people who like grilling. Well, recently two representatives...
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1986 Ford Escort

Many ages ago, in my early twenties, I climbed into my car – a 1986 Ford Escort – to drive to work....
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