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Van Halen Live
Music & Audio

I saw my all time favorite band of all time (in the whole world, too) in San Antonio last night: VAN HALEN!...
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Stompin Grounds Austin Texas
Music & Audio

Played the first of hopefully many gigs at Stompin’ Grounds Lounge in Austin, Texas. Myself and pals Carson and Dave took the...
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Ink Pen

Halfway up the stairs I stopped, Unable to continue toward The Door. Somehow, Knowing struck more fear than Questioning. . . So...
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Here’s a little poem about a poem that popped into my head last night and that I forgot. First time I’ve “written”...
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Yellow Corn

The summer before my freshman year in high school I almost cut my hand off with a meat cleaver. I’m sure I...
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Van Halen Step Stool
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I gave my three-year-old son’s boring white step stool a Van Halen inspired paint job today....
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Light Saber Rotoscope Test

Way back in 2006 I got the bright idea to try and rotoscope a Star Wars lightsaber blade onto live footage of...
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Michael Tu Michael Jackson Impersonator
Music & Audio

My little tune “You’re Awesome” featuring the amazing (and awesome) dancing of Michael Jackson impersonator Tu Michael....
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