May 24, 2017


Leaking Rusty Pipe

We just yesterday recovered from a plumbing nightmare with the help of a plumber from Drain Masters far more skilled at plumbing...
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Vitamin Water Zero Commercial
Food Misc

Rummaging through my mostly neglected YouTube channel just now I found a fake commercial I did for Vitamin Water ZERO a few...
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Misc Music & Audio

Despite being a musician, I don’t often listen to music. I find it too distracting. I either end up immediately inspired to...
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Winchester Mystery House

I had a dream last night that I was visiting a friend in a hotel he owned. The hotel was like some...
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Motel 6
Food Misc Travel Words

A couple of weeks ago we stayed a few nights in a Motel 6 in Texas over the Thanksgiving holiday. Motel 6...
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Ink Pen

Since I’ve decide to spend less time Facebooking and more time blogging I figured I’d go ahead and move my blog over...