December 16, 2017
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Music & Audio

Ernie Ball Music Man Axis EVH Clone
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I’ve been sick for the past million days. Okay, maybe it’s only been 5 days, but it FEELS like a millions days....
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Ernie Ball Music Man Axis EVH Clone
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My guitar collection is terrible. Despite being a guitarist for over 20 years I, unlike my fellow axe slingers, have never been...
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Abandoned House Living Room
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Life for Ricky Tango Jr. as a child – life under the couch of his morbidly obese parents – was mostly calm...
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I believe I have discovered a corollary between one’s enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, modern music (i.e. “musical hipness”) and on...
Triangle Magazine
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This is a spoof magazine cover I made for triangle players a few months ago. I based it on the covers of...
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My cover of Robert Earl Keen’s “Feelin’ Good Again” from the album Walking Distance....
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Harmony H803 Electric Guitar Front
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While visiting my folks in Texas over the Thanksgiving holiday my mom asked me to make a stop by a storage unit...
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Despite being a musician, I don’t often listen to music. I find it too distracting. I either end up immediately inspired to...
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I got an itch to tinker around with composing something orchestral so I fired up GarageBand and came up with this short...
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Music & Audio Work

A few weekends ago I was sitting in my humble little home recording studio waiting for something to happen. I had a...
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