May 24, 2017



We moved here to little Withers, Arkansas because the price was too good to pass up. We had been looking for a...
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Simple Cajun Gumbo
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I don’t mean that I made Gumbo that was exceptionally good, although it was. What I mean is that I made a...
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Motel 6
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A couple of weeks ago we stayed a few nights in a Motel 6 in Texas over the Thanksgiving holiday. Motel 6...
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Aromatic is most certainly not how I would describe the worst smell my olfactory system has ever had to endure. Recently, I...
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I’m prone to having very vivid, detailed dreams. This is a very entertaining thing. Even when my dreams are rather mundane and...
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Maybe it wasn’t that bad, but it was pretty damn bad. Here’s the story… Several months ago we destroyed our house. We...
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At least for a while. After the Presidential election I discovered that a lot of my friends are either extreme left wing...
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When we moved to Arkansas we bought a two bedroom, one bath fixer upper. It was actually an old single-wide mobile home...
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Tim marveled at the home fries. They were quite different here at Lindy’s in New York City than what he’d grown up...
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This poem pretty much sums up my writing abilities these days… I was once quite good at capturing words… I’d draw a...
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