February 24, 2018


Standing Desk by Stand Stead

I recently purchased a standing desk for my home office so I can stand up while working. No, I’m not a self-loathing masochist,...
Music & Audio Work

A few weekends ago I was sitting in my humble little home recording studio waiting for something to happen. I had a...
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The HyperSloth Happy Hour Podcast
Music & Audio Work

Settled on a name (for the time being) for my new radio show on BlogTalkRadio.com… The HyperSloth Happy Hour with ZigZag and...
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Photos & Video Work

If any of you have been wondering where I’ve been the past several weeks, and I know many of you have since...
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I don’t often get to spread my graphic design wings at work, but I did manage to crank out this infographic on...
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Society Work

This past weekend I went to a live music event on 7th street here in Austin, Texas. It was a kickoff party...
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Everclear Bottles

I called him Everclear, because that was his preferred drink. He preferred Everclear the way most normal people prefer a healthy blend...
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