May 26, 2017
Lives of the Monster Dogs

I just finished reading Lives of the Monster Dogs, the debut novel by author Kirsten Bakis and I must say that I...
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Thursday Not Friday
Misc Words

Someday somebody should really make it illegal for a Thursday to feel like a Friday. Seriously. I know it’s impossible to hold...
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Clover Miniature Horse
Photos & Video

It was a beautiful day today so I decided to go sit out by the pond and read. Clover had other plans for...
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Skittles Miniature Horse

I woke up to a terrifying sight this morning. Two and half inches of snow! And more coming down as I type...
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Black Jumping Spider

Well, I didn’t kill a spider I just failed in saving a spider. The other day I grabbed a glass off the...
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Synchronicity Date: 8/27/2012 Last night after watching season one of the incredibly awesome show Breaking Bad. I started wondering what I would...
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Misc Words

Synchronicities are an interesting thing. If you’ve never had one I suggest you do…if possible. They aren’t exactly something most p...
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Ernie Ball Music Man Axis EVH Clone
Music & Audio

My guitar collection is terrible. Despite being a guitarist for over 20 years I, unlike my fellow axe slingers, have never been...
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Bud Light Christmas Stocking

UPDATE: I also posted this pic on Reddit and it’s kinda blowing up: