May 26, 2017
Soup with Ladle

I like when I discover something new about something old, such as a feature my smartphone has that I never knew existed...
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Abandoned House Living Room
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Life for Ricky Tango Jr. as a child – life under the couch of his morbidly obese parents – was mostly calm...
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I believe I have discovered a corollary between one’s enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, modern music (i.e. “musical hipness”) and on...
Braveheart Freedom

What good fortune! My wife and kid just left to visit Texas for a few days leaving me home alone for the...
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Leaking Rusty Pipe

We just yesterday recovered from a plumbing nightmare with the help of a plumber from Drain Masters far more skilled at plumbing...
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Read Part One Here… “I wonder how many cows he has,” Nancy, the wife, said while stocking a shelf in the bedroom...
Triangle Magazine
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This is a spoof magazine cover I made for triangle players a few months ago. I based it on the covers of...
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My cover of Robert Earl Keen’s “Feelin’ Good Again” from the album Walking Distance....
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Here is an awesome bean dip recipe: INGREDIENTS 1 can of refried beans A lot of Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning PREPARATION 1....
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