December 17, 2017
daily prompt

daily prompt

Thursday Not Friday
Misc Words
Someday somebody should really make it illegal for a Thursday to feel like a Friday. Seriously. I know it’s impossible to ho...
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Skittles Miniature Horse
I woke up to a terrifying sight this morning. Two and half inches of snow! And more coming down as I type...
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Ernie Ball Music Man Axis EVH Clone
Music & Audio
My guitar collection is terrible. Despite being a guitarist for over 20 years I, unlike my fellow axe slingers, have never been...
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Bud Light Christmas Stocking
UPDATE: I also posted this pic on Reddit and it’s kinda blowing up:

Soup with Ladle
I like when I discover something new about something old, such as a feature my smartphone has that I never knew existed...
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Abandoned House Living Room
Music & Audio
Life for Ricky Tango Jr. as a child – life under the couch of his morbidly obese parents – was mostly calm...
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My 7-year-old son keeps asking me if Santa Claus is real. I want to tell him, no, Santa Claus is just a...
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