December 17, 2017


Here is an awesome bean dip recipe: INGREDIENTS 1 can of refried beans A lot of Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning PREPARATION...
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Grilled Hot Dogs
When my son really got good at crawling he would routinely disappear from view around a corner or through a door. At...
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Vitamin Water Zero Commercial
Food Misc
Rummaging through my mostly neglected YouTube channel just now I found a fake commercial I did for Vitamin Water ZERO a few...
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Simple Cajun Gumbo
Food Words
I don’t mean that I made Gumbo that was exceptionally good, although it was. What I mean is that I made a...
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Tim marveled at the home fries. They were quite different here at Lindy’s in New York City than what he’d grown up...
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Taco Bell Logo
Food Society
Did my first 15 minute show on today. Check it out and join me every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm CST!...
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I’m typically not one to endorse government regulations on things that bring people happiness such as weed. But sometimes th...
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Tony Little with Chili Dog
Photos & Video
I did this quick Photoshop job for a post on a friend’s Facebook wall. I can’t remember what the conversation was abou...
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