May 24, 2017


Soup with Ladle
I like when I discover something new about something old, such as a feature my smartphone has that I never knew existed...
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Triangle Magazine
Music & Audio Photos & Video
This is a spoof magazine cover I made for triangle players a few months ago. I based it on the covers of...
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Vitamin Water Zero Commercial
Food Misc
Rummaging through my mostly neglected YouTube channel just now I found a fake commercial I did for Vitamin Water ZERO a few...
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The HyperSloth Happy Hour Podcast
Music & Audio Work
Settled on a name (for the time being) for my new radio show on… The HyperSloth Happy Hour with ZigZag and...
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Taco Bell Logo
Food Society
Did my first 15 minute show on today. Check it out and join me every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm CST!...
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Yellow Corn
The summer before my freshman year in high school I almost cut my hand off with a meat cleaver. I’m sure I...
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