January 16, 2018


Braveheart Freedom
What good fortune! My wife and kid just left to visit Texas for a few days leaving me home alone for the...
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Grilled Hot Dogs
When my son really got good at crawling he would routinely disappear from view around a corner or through a door. At...
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Urchin Venetian Boy, 1887 by Alfred Stieglitz
Photos & Video
I came across this photo on Reddit of a Venetian boy taken in 1887 by photographer Alfred Stieglitz the other day and...
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I’ve worked up this scientific representation of 75% of the conversations I have with my 7- year-old son. SON: Dad, can I...
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Parenting Photos & Video
My three-year-old son Levi drove me nuts all day today wanting to go fly a kite in the park. “When we gonna...
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