January 16, 2018


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My wife snapped this shot of me and the boy while I was playing some guitar. Playing Van Halen’s “Spanish Fly” I...
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150 years ago, July 5th 1862, my great, great, great grandfather, John H. Haley, was wounded in a skirmish with rebel guerillas...
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Here’s a little poem about a poem that popped into my head last night and that I forgot. First time I’ve “writte...
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Van Halen Step Stool
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I gave my three-year-old son’s boring white step stool a Van Halen inspired paint job today....
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My three-year-old son Levi drove me nuts all day today wanting to go fly a kite in the park. “When we gonna...
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Star and Moon
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Tony Little with Chili Dog
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I did this quick Photoshop job for a post on a friend’s Facebook wall. I can’t remember what the conversation was abou...
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Giant Chicken
This is a giant chicken statue from a place called Frazier’s in Hempstead, Texas where you can purchase all manner of gigant...
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Napping With Giraffes
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