Perfect Strangers Theme Song Cover

Perfect Strangers Theme Song Cover

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Perfect Strangers TV Show

This morning I quickly learned the theme song to the 80’s show Perfect Strangers, one of the better shows from that era and with one of the better theme songs. I shot a quick webcam video of it just so I could hear it back to be sure I was getting it right.

I thought the vocals on the webcam video were too quiet, so I thought I’d export the audio file from Windows Movie Maker and import it into my professional recording software just to see if I could bump up the frequencies where the vocals reside. That’s when things got out of hand…

Over an hour later I had added percussion, two guitars, bass guitar, and three vocal tracks.

I then re-imported it to the original webcam recording. It still sounds pretty bad since I didn’t play with a metronome or even tune my guitar (vocals sound flat), but still pretty neat…

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